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Message from the Author

Children are full of questions!  Why do we eat pasta every Sunday?  How do you say Hello in Spanish?  Why do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?  Our unique personalized children’s books provide some answers to children’s questions about their traditions and the world around them. 

My Heritage Book is ancestry for kids – a wonderful introduction to exploring a child’s own special heritage.  Our Around the World books provide engaging and fun ways to explore the world through the alphabet or the holidays.

Any one of our customized books will make the perfect baby shower gift, birthday gift, holiday gift, or other special occasion personalized gift for children (or adults, families, couples, and teachers) of all ages!  
Give the gift of a lifetime... the gift of heritage!



My Heritage Book takes families on a wonderful journey into their pasts, while exploring their origins.  It’s a true gift to genealogy that should be in every home, so young people can find out truly who they are and where they came from, while bonding with those they love.”  More...
              ~ Trina Robinson, NBC 6 Anchor