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June 12, 2006

Contacts: Deanna Novak at 954-236-2843 or [email protected]
Sara Howley at 954-249-7771 or [email protected]



Broward County, FL -- In today's world, more than ever, Americans are surrounded by different cultures, languages, customs, traditions, and food; yet children rarely understand why these differences exist. In order to help them recognize that some of these traditions and customs are a part of their own unique heritage and that their heritage should be embraced, My Heritage Book, a new personalized children's book, is now available.

In My Heritage Book, children can learn about the countries from which their ancestors came and some of the traditions they brought to America. Each book is made to order and can combine up to four countries. Currently, there are approximately thirty countries available, with more on the way. Each country has exciting and educational topics which include geography, food, language, music, landmarks, and traditions, along with beautiful illustrations. In addition, each book contains a letter to the child from the person(s) purchasing the book, the child's name throughout, and space for the child to fill in his/her own family's traditions and family tree. All of these features make My Heritage Book a truly unique and wonderful keepsake for each child.

"This is truly a one-of-a-kind idea for a children's book," said Candace Munoz, a teacher at JFK Magnet School in Port Chester , New York. "As both a new mother and an educator, it is great to have a book that is both a keepsake and an educational tool for a child."

Deanna Bufo Novak is the author of My Heritage Book and founder of its publisher, kidsHeritage, Inc. She had the idea for the book in early 2004, following the birth of her daughter. As a new mom, she loved receiving personalized gifts for her baby girl and, at the same time, loved watching her mother and mother-in-law teach their granddaughter about their family traditions. So the My Heritage Book was born. Alicia Bresee, the very talented illustrator of My Heritage Book , was as passionate and enthusiastic about the project as Deanna, and came on-board. My Heritage Book is printed by Docuvision Incorporated in Davie, Florida .

My Heritage Book, along with matted reprints of the illustrations from each country, can be ordered by visiting or calling 954-236-2843 or 866-383-7833 (Toll Free). My Heritage Book is also available at Flora Ottimer Children's Boutique, 713B East Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale.


Deanna Bufo Novak is available for interviews or to answer any questions about My Heritage Book.