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Press Release

September 10, 2007

Contacts: Linda Bufo at 954-236-2843 or [email protected]
Sara Howley at 954-249-7771 or [email protected]



Broward County, FL - Deanna Bufo Novak, South Florida author of the personalized children's book, My Heritage Book, is helping raise money for schools, Parent Teacher Organizations, parents' groups, and other educational and charitable organizations throughout the country with her unique children's book.

While the fundraising program encourages children to read and learn more about their family's heritage, it also benefits the children by giving money back to the educational organization involved. Through the program, Novak's company, kidsHeritage, Inc. donates $5.00 back to the organization for each book sold through its efforts for the entire 2007-2008 school year. Whether sold at fundraising events or simply by passing along a coupon code to be used on the website, the program is an easy and efficient way to raise money, while, at the same time, providing educational gifts for children.

"My Heritage Book is both a wonderful keepsake and a great educational tool. My students consider it a very special gift since it is personalized and show a new sense of pride when they talk about their heritage. The fact that the sales of the books give back to the school is such an added benefit," said Candace Munoz, a teacher at the JKF Magnet School in New York.

The fundraising program was implemented in the 2005-2006 school year and was met with great success. With participating schools and organizations in Florida, New York, California, Illinois, and other states, the program helped to raise hundreds of dollars for those involved. It is anticipated that the 2007-2008 school year will produce even more success, ultimately bringing more funds back to the children.

"It is really refreshing when a school has an opportunity to generate money through such a unique program," said Danielle Yoldas, a Pine Crest School parent. "I would much rather promote this product instead of candy sales or wrapping paper sales, which are all too common these days for school fundraisers. My Heritage Book is such a beautiful keepsake and several parents I know agree."

In My Heritage Book, children can learn about the countries from which their ancestors came and traditions they brought to America. Each book is made to order and can combine up to four countries. Customers have continuously requested new countries since the book's launch in 2005. Due to this overwhelming response, there are now more than fifty countries available for inclusion in the book, with additional countries in progress. The countries spotlight fun and educational topics which include geography, food, language, music, landmarks, and traditions, each beautifully illustrated. In addition, each book contains a letter to the child from the person(s) purchasing the book, the child's name throughout, and space for the child to fill in his/her own family's traditions and family tree. All of these features make My Heritage Book a truly unique and wonderful keepsake for each child who receives it.

Whether you are interested in purchasing a book or a matted reprint of one of the illustrations from each country as a gift or signing up for the My Heritage Book Fundraising Program, simply visit or call 954-236-2843 or 866-383-7833 (Toll Free). My Heritage Book is also available at Flora Ottimer Children's Boutique, Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Flora Ottimer Children's Boutique, Banner Elk, North Carolina; the Paper Niche, Plantation, Florida; DE Kids, Estero, Florida; Salon Uccelli, Mahopac, New York; and a variety of retail outlets.